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We will develop your concept and advise you when it comes to building shops, shopping malls and chains of shops. And you can safely entrust your project to us because we consider every detail in a shop: From the optimal flow of the car park to the most optimal shop layout to the most efficient delivery of goods. We will guide you through every stage – regardless of whether it involves a single shop or a complete retail project.



Retail Architects take care of the shop layout, either in the form of implementation of the shop's own concept or by developing a completely new concept. We are sticklers for detail. We convert concept to detail and right from the first sketches we incorporate details the customers take for granted when they experience the shop.  In addition, we are specialists when it comes to incorporating new functions in existing buildings or when existing shops have to be expanded or renovated.

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Retail Architects take care of the frameworks. This includes the surroundings of the building, implementation of the shop's identity on facades, the choice of materials adapted to function, brands and vision. Details are crucial for creating well-functioning retail areas. The result of our attention to detail is shops and retail areas that live and work.

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We can help create a new identity or optimise your company's profile so that your visions and values are crystal clear to your customers. We regard the building, shop, entrance area and parking spaces as a direct extension of your brand and logo.  When we design your shops, we match the materials and details with your profile and vision.

We concretise your key ideas so that they are developed and manifested in a powerful and well thought-out concept. Our concept development is part of our process that creates a coherent whole from the ideas that we come up with in collaboration with our customers.

We look at the traffic situation to and from the shop. We look at where your customers come from and resolve your internal traffic issues and logistics optimally.

The customers' behaviour in the shop is crucial. We know how a customer flow can be optimised in relation to the product you are selling. We look at all aspects of the customer flow from A to Z. From the moment the customer arrives in the shop, circulates and then leaves the shop again.

We convert our customers' guidelines in new or existing spaces: Every column and every wall located in the space has a consequence for the shop layout and day-to-day turnover.

We have specialised in the implementation of shop layout and concept and understand and respect the prerequisites present when a thoroughly prepared concept is to fit in. We manage the developer/technical inspections and ensure that everything is carried out in accordance with the customer's expectations in terms of layout, quality and finish.

Together with the customer, we incorporate sustainable solutions from the outset of the project. From the landscape, choice of materials, technical solutions to day-to-day operations.

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