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2012 · 4.500 m²

Besides the traditional architect services, the project also comprised implementation of the fixed design concept and the requirements stipulated by BMW in connection with the experience of their product and brand. This is one of the first newly built BMW / MINI showrooms designed in accordance with BMW's latest concept with the BMW Brand Architecture.
Services provided
We were responsible for all sub-services, from the design proposal to the final handover. This included implementation of the design concept, traffic management, logistics and customer flow as well as planning and design. In addition, our urban planning department was responsible for the drawing up of a local plan for the building. data-id=1370

We are BMW Nordic Group's permanent collaborative partner in DK, NO and SE.  With our unique knowledge of BMW's own design concept we are easily able to implement it and translate it into architecture and thus emphasise BMW's brand and identity. We are currently designing for a number of renovation and new build projects for BMW showrooms all over Scandinavia and, up until now, have been responsible for over 30 BMW showrooms in Scandinavia.

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